Sunday, July 17, 2016

Week 72


Well, first things first. Today I had to go back to the doctor on account of my last kidney stone is passing. Let`s just get this thing over with already, yeah? Yeah. So I`m real short on time. TBH I`m not sure how Colin writes so much in so little time, cause I`m a pretty dang fast typer #2 humble, but I STILL can`t write that much in such a short amount of time. Impressed. 

This week was good! Can`t believe the change is over/I`m probably getting a new companion tomorrow. Time with Hna Torres has slowly flown!!! I`ve been doing a lot of reflecting on the mission this week on account of Baby Colin Boo is starting, and two of my best friends ever, Tessa and Hna Lundberg, are BOTH FINISHING. I can`t believe it! Like, literally I remember preparing for the mish with Tessa and NOW SHE`S DONE. Like, what the heck? How did that even happen? And I met Hna Lundberg when we were both in our training, and we were comps over 8 months ago. And today was literally the last time I`ll see her (for another month lolz #obessiveprobz). But anyway, I`ve just been thinking about how grateful I am for the mission, everything I`ve learned, and all the experiences I`ve had. And don`t worry, you`ll be getting some good reflections on that in the coming weeks. But yeah, I`m just grateful for la obra misional. 

I am doing really well and am super excited for the home stretch! It`s a super sweet spot of enjoying where I`m at but also being excited for the future. I just feel really happy like all the time.

Love you so much!!!! 

Hermana Ross


man vs. wild

the cutest baby child that ever was

Familia Pinto

hahaha a birthday card I got

Sion al Rescate

Fiorela <3

Our branch president locked his 1 yr old daughter in this on account of she is so hyperactive 

A pretty hi-sterical poem written by Hna Hilker

Monday, July 4, 2016

Week 71


Good news is, a picture is worth a thousand words. So I sent lots of pictures to make up for the lack of words lolz. ANYWAY, this week was good though! We met the new mission president (he seems like a cool guy. He is trying to remember Spanish haha. And his wife and son that are here with him don´t speak any, so that´s going to be interesting. I probz won´t get to know him too well, but he really did seem like a nice guy, so hopefully I´ll get to interact with him a bit before #theend.

In other news, this week was really exitosa! We found a lot of new investigators and were able to get a new baptismal date for Selva, Ramona´s sister! Way cool. So we´re going to keep working with the entire Pavon family and hope all goes well! #eternalfamnation

ALSO, it was my birthday this week! Real good. I got a sweet birthday cake yesterday, got some nice birthday calls, got to see some progressing investigators, and it was just a good time. And then today I had a birthday lunch thing and a FREAK TON of missionaries came. I invited like a few friends and my ex comps, but we ended up having more than a zone there hahaha #yolo. It was way fun though, and it was defs a memorable day (especially since it was also the 4th of July!!!) wooooo!!!! #AMERICA5EVER Really though, I enjoy the 1st world a lot.

So yeah, things are good! We are on week 6 of 6 though, so that´s crazy. The new mission president is LITERALLY going to be doing changes on pure revelation, so we´ll see what goes down #pray4Holly

Love you tons!!! Baby Colin is real cute as a missionary <3 So much excitings!
Con amor,

Hermana Ross

With our investigator, Nancy. She just moved to Argentina :(

Birthday stuff (please enjoy all the things the Elders wrote on the heart...)

w/ Hna Torres and Hna Pisco!!

 The new mish prez, Presidente Evans! 

Our hipsta field 

Our district meeting that was all about how as missionaries, we are the same as spiderman #whenyourdistrictleadersare18yroldboys #butiaintevenmad

With Ramona and David y Sergio

The Itaugua krew (one of the members from Itaugua came to the partay, and so we got a picture with all the missionaries there that had passed through Itaugua. turns out it was a lot haha)

Mi bebei, Hna Torres

Welcome to New York

Make it like your birthday every day