Thursday, April 2, 2015

Last P-Day in the CCM!


I made it to my LAST P-DAY in the CCM!!!! Crayzee. Legit sometimes never thought this day would come. But here it is. As per usual I have like legit no time, but imma type like a fiend.  First off, I´m SO amazed by the outpouring of love and support I´ve received! Every time I log into my email I have legit ONE MILLION emails! It's the greatest ever. It´s really no problem because I can just print them off, but I just feel bad because I can´t respond, and obviously it´s SO in my nature to want to respond to EVERYONE! But it´s all good and I wouldn´t change a thing (other than wanting more email time!)

So TBH not a whole ton happened this week, per se, but I´ll try to hit the highlights.

Proselyting: So this past Saturday was our last time going out because this weekend is General Conference (STOKE!). We went to a new area this week, and it was BOMB! Way more populated than the last residential area, and it was just a cool new angle of the city we got to see. Buenos Aires is legit. I wish we got to sight see a little, TBH. Anyway, we didn´t have a whole ton of success (we talked to people and all, but nothing crazy awesome), but for some reason it was just such a good time. I felt really close with my companions and tons of funny stuff just kept happening back to back, and I definitely haven´t laughed that hard since I´ve been here. It was a really good time. 

Sunday: So this Sunday I was asked to speak, AGAIN! #lyfeskillz. Honestly, I felt like I would be asked as I was preparing my talk, so it wasn´t really a surprise, per se. The topic was Endure to the End, so I talked about how even thought that´s a HUGE commandment, God wants us to succeed and doesn´t give us commandments that we can´t accomplish with His help. And then I just outlined some of the ways God helps us in our lives as we try to Endure to the End. I pretty much just talked and didn´t write much down, so that´s chill. Like I said, life skills. I've had the increased desire to work on public speaking. It´s always been a desire of mine, but it´s grown even stronger since I´ve been here. So obviously giving another talk was a good start, ayyyyyy. 

Bugs: So, as you may or may not have seen from the picture I included, I´ve been legit EATEN ALIVE by bugs. No lie, my arms are COVERED in crazy, huge, bug bites. I had only gotten a few for my first four weeks here, but this past week I got DESTROYED. The jury is still out on what type of bug. The current hypothesis is ants on account of it happens while I´m sleeping and they are more linear than mosquito or spider bites. Anyway, I don't want to scare you too much so I didn´t send a bunch of pictures of it, but it suffiiceth to say that Zombie Holly has reached a whole other level. People always joke that I´m going to turn into some kind of super hero now (i.e. Spiderman type of thing), but I actually feel like the way these bug bites are looking that I´d more likely turn into the evil villain or something. Anyway, mostly it´s fine and honestly it´s not really that big of a deal. Stories, amirite?

Last week of CCM!: Ok, so like I said, this is my last week here. If you can believe it, I won´t have another P-day until next NEXT Monday. Sucks, huh? That´s like 12 days without P-day. It´s gonna be hecka rough. But I get to email for like 5 minutes on Monday before I fly out on Tuesday morning to Paraguay, so you can still email me and I think? I might be able to print some things out. I´m not sure but do it just in case. I´m not really sure how I feel to be leaving here, TBH. In a lot of ways I´m ready and I´m over it, but at the same time I´ve really grown to appreciate how relatively comfortable it is here, and I KNOW things will get WAY harder once I leave. I sort of feel ready for the next step of progression though. I imagined knowing more Spanish at this point, though. I kind of feel like I don´t know that much more than I did after like the second week. Like I said before though, I´ve been pretty blessed to not feel too worried about it at this point. That will obviously probably take a HARD turn once I´m actually in Paraguay though. Hermana Nuckles made the quote of the week this week, which is "Yo doy arriba por eternidad!" which legit makes NO sense in Spanish hahahahahaha. But in English the direct translation is "I give up for eternity." I don´t know why, but I thought this was the funniest thing on the planet. Probably because it shows how little Spanish we really know. I just think it´s the best kind of irony to say that sentence (which I say relatively often in grammar class), because it´s Spanish technically, but doesn´t make ANY SENSE! Good times, good times.

Reflections on time: Time trips me out EVERY SECOND OF EVERY DAY. I legit can´t fathom it and I can´t understand it. I´ve always found it so dang interesting. Missions are like the longest thing ever. But then obviously they really aren´t at all, ya know? My mood changes from hour to hour about whether or not I feel overwhelmed. I try to live in the moment, but it´s hecka difficult. Sometimes I feel like I´ll make it and it´ll be great, and sometimes I think that prayer is LEGIT the ONLY thing that can get me through the end of the week, let alone month. Mostly I´m not super worried about it, but sometimes it´s just the weirdest thing to me how much my thoughts can change in regards to how I feel about time. But I´ve received the HUGEST blessing ever, which is that come nighttime (i.e. 9pm, when planning starts), I´m ALWAYS happy. I´ve never had a night that I´ve gone to bed sad, that I can think of. Maybe one or two. But in general, no matter how I´ve felt throughout the day, I go to bed happy. And it´s the greatest thing on this planet earth. I´m so grateful. I´ve really felt Heavenly Father sustaining me through this experience. The first few weeks were ROUGH, and there have been hard things since then, but my mood has leveled out EVEN MORE (the first few weeks it was always between a 4.5 and a 7, and now it´s always between like a 6 and an 8.5. It´s been on point. I´m super blessed. Here in the MTC and in general. Also, can I just say that I´m SO GRATEFUL I´m not learning another language besides Spanish? Lol at the days I thought I could go to Asia or Eastern Europe. NOPE NOPE NOPE. Heavenly Father knew I could NOT handle it. More power to those missionaries. Legit, I pray for them every day. I can´t even fathom. Nope nope nope nope nope #tooblessedtobestressed

Ok, well sorry this email is a bit scattered/doesn´t have that much content. Like I said, honestly not that much happened this week. CONFERENCE IS THIS WEEKEND THOUGH! I´ve never been more stoked in mi VIDA! And we´re getting to watch it here in the CCM by 2 days! Talk about blessed! Because we get to watch it IN ENGLISH! Which means I´ll understand it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! STOKE STOKE STOKE!!! God is in the details of our lives!

So again, don´t forget that my next emailing will be in 5ever. Love you all SO much!!!!!!! Honestly, I´m like the most blessed person in the world. 

Con amor,

Hermana Ross

p.s. "We must constantly remind ourselves that He is God and we are not." -Jeffrey R. Holland. 2 true. 2 true.

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