Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Week 20, yo

Week 20 (which I am in now) *Beep boop*

Dear Family,

My week at a glance:  So this week was honestly really good.  Like really. We're working hard, my Spanish is mejorando like crazy, my comp's so nice and seriously presh, my district is really good, and we're constantly finding new people to teach.  Pretty much the dream.  It's still hard, but I kind of think that's a big part of the point.  Anyway, this week was long and intense, but mostly just good.  But I'm not kidding when I say we walked well over 50 miles this week.  Like, easy.  When we get home at night I pretty much just crash after planning. Oh, but also this week it was discovered that my companion loves the card game Speed, so we've been having competitions of that sometimes at night.  Good times.  Also, in other news, El Papa has been in town this week and everyone has been on vacation for it.  That's right. THE Pope is here in Paraguay.  Everyone and their mother (literally) has been obsessed with his coming for months. I guess that's what is bound to happen when you're in a country that is 98% Catholic, amirite? Lolz

#LDSConference:  Ok, so I know that this happened like over three months ago, but I'm on missionary standard time, aka I don't really know/have access to what's going on in the world around me. TBH I don't even know stuff going on in Paraguay (minus the pope because I for sure know about that).  People are always writing me stuff like "Oh, I'm sure you know all about this, blah blah...."  Let's be honest, you shouldn't assume I know about anything. Freaking I forgot about the 4th of July, and only remembered when at our lunch cita someone wished me a happy independence day for my country #soembarrassing  Anyway, I just got ahold of the conference Ensign this week (shout out to my main gal/the Dogma) and omheck it's so good!

 {Editor's note:  She refers to her mother, her precious mother, as "the Dogma", but at least it's capitalized, amirite?}

 I could go on and on.  I wish everyone in the world would read it.  Seriously quality.  Every day in comp study I pretty much write a talk to share with my companion from one of the conference discussions.  Lol@missionarylyfe  But really, Mom and Colin/also Rachel/Dad should read a talk together every night or something.  Also, priesthood sesh was really good.  Potench my favorite one.  Also, I am reminded of how much of conference was about marriage and family.  A lot.  Also both L. Tom Perry and Boyd K. Packer's last talks in conference were hardcore about that.  Interesting for sure.

Oh, and just a noteworthy happening, we had a Pk futbol tournament with all the elders in my district that was detailed and semi-complicated and lasted for like an hour, and I WON!  Against a bunch of Latinos who LIVE for futbol.  For sure a highlight of my week. Livin that sporty lyfe.

Also, my comp is continuing to try to learn English, and it's pure comedy.  I love it, seriously.  It makes me realize how much the gift of tongues has been given to me on the mish.  Also, all the elders in my district are trying to learn English too, so I'm like an English-speaking expert celebrity or something. It's nice to have skills/actually it's not really a skill, it's just my  native language.  #America5ever

Have a g-r8 semana,

Love, Hermana Ross

Hermana Pisco in the Pre Dawn Pday hours

The bright spot of Pday misery involving all day bus travels to Asuncion for immigration issues:
 Reuniting with CCM companions!

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