Monday, August 10, 2015

Week 23

(I am posting this a week late, apologies)

August 3, 2015

Hey dawgs! (lolz, I accidentally called my companion "dawg" in context once, and then she wanted me to explain it to her. So now she knows even more almost-useless vocabulary in English. Whoops. I keep accidentally teaching her colloquialisms that aren`t that important... My bad.)

What even went down this week? Just a normal amount, I guess. Heading into week 6 of 6, so that`s something. I`ll hit up the deets:

Peru Dia de Independencia: So this past Tuesday/Wednesday were the equivalent of the 4th of July in Peru (that`s right, they have TWO days). My comp was stoked for it, and since I forgot to celebrate 4th of July, I joined in. It was a good time. We wore red and white and she made Peruvian flags and she accounted for me the history of Peruvian independence. Lolz. Also, on Tuesday we had traditional Peruvian food at lunch (well, my comp did...) because we ate with a menos activo who is from Peru. Funz. Other funny thing about Peruvians (at least all the ones I know) is that they are OBSESSED with rice. Like literally, the stereotypes with rice should be about Peruvians. She literally said, and I quote "I don`t consider a meal that doesn`t have rice a meal." Lololol. So yeah, she was stoked to eat "real" Peruvian food.

Glass blowing: Ok, so I found my future career (this is kind of a joke, but also I`m kind of serious). So that Peruvian guy has his own business where he makes stuff (like vases, containers, animals, etc.) out of glass. And it`s SICK! Oh my gosh, I was mesmerized. We watched him make this tiny glass swan in like two minutes. And then he was like "I think this swan wants to go to the Estados Unidos!" And he gave it to me!! I was stoked. Bad news is I`m pretty sure that type of thing isn`t in that high of demand in the states. But really, it was awesome #lifegoals

Dia de Amistad: Other awesome "holiday" of sorts that happened this week is called "Day of Friendship." Apparently that`s a thing in like all of South/Central America, but I`d never even heard of it. It`s just a day where you celebrate friendship! How presh, amirite? We got little presents from some members and the Relief Society here. 2 cute.

District meeting: Ok, so I just thought I`d throw in a quick fact about our district meeting this past week. It was with the assistants to the President, our zone leaders, and for some reason, a few Elders that weren`t even in our district. All in all, it ended up being like half of our zone (and we were the only hermanas, as per usual.) Anyway, it was fine and normal and stuff, and then at the end, the AP is like "Ok, well we`re going to do practices now. Companionship by companionship in front of EVERYONE!" Gosh, #nightmares. I was not stoked. And my companion is just really timid in all teaching/practice-type situations. And I`m like "But dawg, you speak Spanish. Plz help me out." So anyway, I took the lead and it went fine, but gosh, not my favorite thing. And then after, it`s like "Ok, what did they do well? What can they improve?" Awks, let`s be honest. Oh well, I guess #lyfeskillz

Fechas!: Ok, so the best news of the week is that we have two investigators that have baptismal dates! And guess who finally knows enough Spanish to make it happen? Me, that`s who. Stoke! More to come as time goes on. But one of them is named Lydia, and she has four little boys and I`m really excited about her. Here`s to hoping all goes well! 

HOT: Other thing I gotta mention is that this week was hotter than hot. Burning up, even. And it was a struggle. It`s good because 1) I now have a sweet tan, and 2) it makes our cold showers more bearable. BUT, it`s bad because 1) It`s so hot and humid and miserable, 2) We`re walking for miles and miles all day, and it`s like impossible not to get a headache/feel like fainting, 3) It`s LITERALLY THE MIDDLE OF WINTER HERE RIGHT NOW, meaning that it will only get worse, and 4) Because it will get hotter by like at least 50% in the summer, there`s an increasing multiplying percentage that I will literally die. Guys, turns out I don`t have a lot of stamina. Who knew? Working all day in normal temperature is hard for me, let alone with "the elements." I guess we`ll see what goes down in a few months, lolz. Get hyped!

Ok, well I realize this email is filled with a lot of random details that maybe aren`t all that significant. I`m sry. Hopefully this week will have some good stuff go down! Love you all a lot!!

xoxo Hermana Ross

Me with the Martinez children (we gave them glowsticks for Natalia`s birthday). Presh. Not sure why my face is illuminated like that, but I guess it`s chill.

The Peruvian with his glass blowing business (aka my future career). THE ILLEST.

All celebrating Micaela opening her mission call!

Micaela (a joven in the barrio) opening her mission call! She`s going to Brazil. 

Me and my comp for Peruvian Dia de Independencia (red and white, obvio)

For my comp to remember that "with" is NEVER pronounced with a "g" or with an "f"

The glass swan that the Peruvian member made for me in less than two minutes. So sick. Seriously, I want to get into glass blowing after the mission. And that`s real life.

Me with moar puppies. It`s no lie to say that literally every person in Paraguay owns at least one dog. Also, there are numberless amounts of stray dogs, which therefore leads to numberless amounts of puppies. It`s bad on account of sometimes the dogs are real talk scary and I realllyyy don`t want rabies, but it`s good on account of PUPPIES!

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