Monday, November 9, 2015

Week 37


SOOOOOOO cambios were this past week! And like I had said, I knew I would have them, so it really a crazy surprise. What I didn't know was if I would stay or if I would go, nor who would be my new comp. So anyway, we get in our meeting where they announce changes and I{m kinda apprehensive, ya know? But it turns out the mission (president) decided to change the way cambios go down, so now they're just going to tell us if we are staying or leaving, but NOT where we're going or who our new companion will be. So they make the announcements and *shocker* Hna. Aguilar is going to leave and I'm going to stay! Crayzee. She was only in Horqueta for one cambio! But anyway, we didn't know where she would go, nor who would be either of our new comps. So we just did despedidas in Horqueta so she could say bye to everyone and then we headed over to Concepcion to wait for an all-night collectivo to Asunción. But then it turns out the zone leaders told us like an hour early, and then the collectivo ended up being an hour late, and it was POURING rain. So we are standing outside at like 11pm getting SOAKED. Legit though. It was a bummer. But anyway, we finally get on the collectivo and it's FREEZING COLD! Like the air was on full blast and we were soaking wet and it was kinda miserable. Ngl, didn't sleep too well. 

Asuncion!!: Ok, I was honestly so stoked to head back into Asuncion, even if it was for less than a day. I feel pretty isolated at times way up in Horqueta, so it was pretty chill to be back in the city. So we all get there (all the missionaries that have changes (aka like half the mission)) and we are all shuffled into a sacrament room to just sit and wait. And nobody has any idea what's going on, nor where they are going/who their comps will be. And it was a pretty good time because I saw a lot of my missionary associates who I haven't seen in months. So that was way nice. But anyway, we start it kind of like a reunion with a hymn and a pray and stuff, and then a few converts share their testimonies and we all just don't really know what{s going on. Then Presidente gets up and is like "In the days of Brigham Young, when someone got a mission call, they would announce it in front of everyone at general conference." (at this point I think he's starting to give a talk or something.) But then he continues, "So we're going to do things in the ways of the early church! So let's get started!" Lololololol and then he starts to call out names one by one and say where they're going and who their comp will be. And we had to stand up in front of everyone, and it was kinda a cool idea but also dragged out the suspense big time. 

Hna. Lundberg: So when I talked to President he told me that what he really thinks I need is just a really fun comp. So I wasn't sure who it would be, but I was kind of nervous, as was to be expected. But then he calls my name, I stand up, and he announces that Hna Lundberg will be coming to Horqueta from Ybi Ybu! Que loco!! She was the old comp of my old comp, Hna. Nuckles, and I{d actually talked to her a few times before. She{s WAY outgoing and WAY open. Literally, we talked more in our first two days together than I had in the past two changes. That{s crazy. Anyway, she's a hecka open communicator, and I'm a big fan. Big fan. I honestly feel better than I have in weeks. Comps can seriously make a huge difference. Honestly, we're pretty different in terms of our external social personalities, but in terms of our one-on-one conversation style, we're so in sync it's freaking great. And I'm coming from a series of pretty intense comps, so it's way nice to have someone more chill. And she's  coming from a series of really (really) chill/disobedient comps, so she's pretty grateful to have someone more stable who knows how to work. It's just been really great and I'm pretty stoked about it. Oh yeah, basic info. She's from Las Vegas, then Oklahoma and then Utah. She is 22 and was studying at UVU/working before the mish. She has like three sets of parents because her birth parents are divorced and remarried and then when she was 17 she was adopted by an extended relative. But yeah, she's pretty fun and It's been good so far.

Sara Diana: So Sara's baptism is this Saturday!!! (I've sent pictures) I'm so excited! And Hna. Lundberg hasn't had a baptism on the mission yet (she has a change more than me, aka 10 months), and so she's STOKED! And yesterday was pouring (pouring) rain and literally 8 members of the rama came to church (including presidente and his family...) BUT, Sara was one of them!! So I really think she's ready and I'm super excited for her and also for me and also for Hna. Lundberg haha. It's going to be a good time. Details to come next week! #pray4Sara

In other news we also have a really awesome investigator jovencita named Rosio, who I legitimately also think could get baptized this change. She is really sweet and we had some bomb lessons with her this week. In other, other news, Hna. Lundberg is helping me a ton to recover from some of my more deep emotional wounds that I received these past two changes (lol @ when stuff is so hard it's funny(. But really, she's super easy to be open with and we've already shared a lot of our deepest feelings together #compbonding. Which is unfortunately something I was never able to achieve with Hna. Aguilar. For as much as there were no real problems last change, I unfortunately don't really feel too close with her. Which is such a freaking bummer, because I've been such good friends with all my comps. But it's fine and I learned a lot and we're not not friends. She just literally doesn''t need emotional connection like other people, and therefore never really sought it out nor knew how to give it. But I have high hopes for this change and I think it'll be a good, productive one. 

Ok, well I think those are the highlights. We had our zone activity today in Conci and it was pretty fun. We played spiritual jeopardy and ping pong and uno. Also, everything in life is better now that I can speak Spanish. I mean I know it's been a while since that happened, but I'm still really, really grateful. It's a miracle of sorts. 

Love you tons and tons! I feel like I even had more to say, but we are still in Conci and I don't remember all the details. Oh yeah, I'm in change 7 out of 13 now, so that's crazy #tranquinottrunky

Keep it real.

p.s. 2 Corinthians 12 
9 And Christ said unto (Hermana Ross) "My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness." 

Most gladly therefore will I (Hermana Ross) rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me.

10 Therefore I take pleasure in infirmities, in reproaches, in necessities, in persecutions, in distresses for Christ’s sake: for when I am weak, then am I strong.


the zone before changes
if you wondered what was in the middle of Paraguay #justpalmtrees


W/ the new comp, Hna Lundberg

And w/ the Estigarribias

Darling kids!

The new Horqueta district

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