Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Week 67

New change, same me.

Hey-o! Welp, looks like I´m staying here in Itaugua with Hna Torres for another six weeks! Hype!!! Honestly I was kinda surprised just because I felt like she might be leaving, but I´m pretty stoked we´re staying together! We work really well together and things are just super chill. But we have lots of good work going on RN in our area, so I´m glad we *should* be able to see it through together.

This week we´ve been working a lot with an investigator named Ramona Pavon. She´s a mom of two and is way cool and really with it. She has been coming to church for a while, but hasn´t been able to be baptized because her boyfriend doesn´t want to commit to marriage #paraguayprobz. Anyway, we set a couple of goals with her, so hopefully things there will be moving forward! 

In terms of other things, I´ve been reading Doctrine and Covenants the past few weeks, and I forgot how much I love it! Just kidding, I never forgot. Anyway, something that I´ve noted is that like almost every section of DyC was given as revelation in response to someone asking a question. Like every section heading says "yada yada happened and then someone had a question and Joseph Smith asked the Lord and receieved the following revelation." But really, look it up. So pretty much I was just reminded the important lesson of "ask and ye shall receive." But rly tho, I should ask more specific questions to the Lord. We all should. 

Well, I love you so much!!! I´m doing supes well and hope you all are as well. Can´t believe my baby C-dawg went through the temple. Crayzee. It´s going down for real.

See you soon! #tranquinotrunky
<3 Hermana Ross

Thx 4 da luv

 (I sent a birthday package to Holly that her first companion, Libertee Valenzuela hand delivered 
as she returned to Paraguay for a visit after being home for almost a year.  They were able to connect and feel the love!)

 Hna Torres was like "Ohmygosh, Hna Ross! It´s LITERALLY your twin. LIT-RALLY." Nunca tanto, nunca tanto. 


The Garden of Eden

Adorable kids

With Ramona!

Eating my hand

Cool Cat Photoshoot

Moar adorable kids

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