Thursday, May 28, 2015

Week 13 I think #paraguay

¡Dear family!

How`s it going! Just from skimming your emails to me I can tell they`re really quality. Thanks for always being consistent. Some people don`t have family members that email them every week and I just could not even with that #eternalfamnation.

This week was really good. Honestly. Sorry my last email was so angsty. I don`t know what to say about the mission that`s not SUPER cliche ("it`s a rollercoaster of emotions" "it`s hard, but worth it", etc.), but all those things are TRUE. So anyway, last week was weird and this week was really good.

Cambios!: So, I offically finished my first transfer last week, which I forgot to mention, and then this week we had changes. So like I said, it was pretty likely that I was going to stay with Hermana V, which was the case. Honestly I am so grateful for her. She is just such a good companion! I`m sort of worried that I won`t like anyone else as much afterwards... We already get along really well, but I just decided even more that I`m going to really commit to our companionship. I already was trying, but I just am going to try even harder to be the best companion I can be #marriageprep #lifeprep. It`s really awesome to put someone`s emotional well-being on par with your own. Other news from changes though, our district leader got transferred to the chaco, so our new district leader is Elder Chavez!! He and Elder Bingham are companions, and Hna. V and I love them so much!!!! They are just really, really awesome. And even just working with Elder Chavez this week has been awesome! Other than that our zone just switched around a few people but is mas o menos the same. I really like our zone, actually, and I wish we got to do more stuff with them. 

English class: So this week our english class went really well! We had a few investigators and played a bunch of super fun games and it was just awesome. The Elders in our district came too, and they are really fun. We`ve also been contacting a lot this week, and the English class is a really good gateway to talking with people. We actually found a new investigator that way this week, and we had a really awesome lesson with her on Friday. Her family is super religious and kind of seemingly against her investigating (she is only 17, sound like anyone you know, Mom?), but we have high hopes #thewillofGod. 

South mission: Lololol, so our area is literally right on the edge of the other mission in Paraguay, and it turns out there have been times we`ve been contacting in NOT OUR MISSION. Not even contacting in not our area, but literally not even our mission hahaha. Oops... It`s kind of weird, because our stake is literally an island in the South Mission (as in you have to pass through the south mission to even get to our stake center). And today we went and got lunch at this place we always go and we ran into other Hermanas that were also eating there... from the other mission. So apparently that`s right on the border as well... Lolz. We`re going to study our maps a little more so we are more careful to stay in our boundaries.

Other Paraguayan deets: So the weather this week was crazy fickle, as per usual. It was super hot in the beginning and I was dying, and then later in the week it POURED RAIN for like three days. Hermana Valenzuela and I got caught in a CRAZY rainstorm up on this hill and it was nuts! Even though I had an umbrella I was SOAKED. Also, the weather continues to ensure I never look good here... like ever. Bummmerrrrrrr. 

In other news, we had a zone activity today since it was the first p-day of the change and it was SO FUN!!! Hna. V and I were in charge of the get to know you activity (which ensured it was going to be more fun/less awkward) and then we played this crazy relay game followed by like 10 rounds of dodgeball. I was just laughing so hard at everything, and Hermana V said after, and I quote "This might have been the most fun time I`ve had my whole mission." So that pretty much sums it up. Real fun. 

Ok, so that`s a basic summary of the week. We are working hard, and also could always be working harder. Mostly I try not to worry about it and just remember that God`s love is unconditional. Things are progressing though, and another investigator we have, Joel, is getting baptized this coming Saturday! So look forward to that for next week. 

Love you all so much! God is so awesome for having changed my heart to go on a mission. I`m still getting used to it all, but I always recognize how grateful I am to be here. I`m already 10000000x more grateful for everything I have. En serio. Pray to recognize God`s hand in your life, and I promise you will. The evidence is in EVERYTHING!

Con amor,

Hermana Ross

Best Zone!

Best P day:  fun and  games for hours

Random Trash Everywhere

Awesome Tree near where we were soaked in a freak rainstorm

Elder Chavez is an amazing district leader

Eating french fries

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