Monday, September 14, 2015

Week 29

Dear Family,

Wellll, this week was significantly better than last week. Significantly. I´ll hit some of the deets, but firstly you gotta know that I´m in Conception right now because we came here for a P-day zone-lunch thing, and the keyboard in this cyber is literally the worst. I can´t even with this keyboard right now.

Progressions w/ the comp sitch: 
Ok, so this week was operation Be Best Friends With My Companion. And it was a success. I reached a whole other level of communication and interpersonal skillz. Quite satisfying, really. Let me explain a little bit. So I´m not going to say that I´m perfectly happy in my situation still (which is a myth, actually, let´s be honest), but things are significantly better. I just decided that I´d had enough of not feeling like I had a super good relationship with my comp, so I made really, really concentrated efforts to change it. I won´t get into all of the details involved (cause it would take too long), but I´ll give a few examples. Ok, so after planning at night, I really like to use the 30 or so minutes we have to chill, write in my journal, read the ensign or something, etc. So I would always do those things, but I could tell it bugged my comp that I would just sit at my desk and do my own personal thing (she hates silence and I´m actually surprisingly ok with it). But anyway, I decided that this week I would not do those things, and instead I would talk to my comp every night and do whatever she wanted to do (aka, talk, look at pictures, take pictures in the apartment, other random stuff like that). And it helped a lot. Like, even more than I thought it would. My comp actually has a lot of emotional attachment to taking pictures, so I´ve noted that the more pictures we take, the happier she is. Supes random, but actually a real thing. I had to sacrifice a lot of my pride (which I actually don´t even have a lot of right now on account of ALL THE HUMBLING), but it was still hard. I had to give up practically all of my common sense (so hard so hard so hard), give up efficiency, give up reflection, and just try to replace it all with patience and understanding. Anyway, sorry,   I´m literally dying with this keyboard/I´m super distracted by how loud this cyber is. The ultimate point is that things are much better and I feel much better (with this situation, at least). I almost don´t even know if I´ve ever had such open communication with someone (not a family member). It´s really random for how different I am from my companion how much we´ve both opened up a lot emotionally to each other. So that´s really been the compensatory blessing in all of this. So it´s still a struggle overall, but I´m not in despair about it anymore, lolz #angst #thewillofGod

 So this Saturday we had a super fun activity in the rama that was like a play/theater thing about the stories of The Book of Mormon. It was way fun to plan/be in, actually, and all the jovenes in the rama are super cool and super active. The attendance ended up being pitiful (like the President of the rama and his family and like 5 other people...), but all the jovenes that participated in the play were there and it was a good time. I´ll send pics.

English class: 
So just a quick note is that we started to have English classes here this past week! Elder Payne and I are teaching. It was a good time. The eightish most active jovenes from the rama came. That´s actually higher asistencia than we had in Anahi, which is like a joke, because Anahi has two wards, and Horqueta is just one branch. But there are for sure some fiel members here (mostly just youth), and it´s a good time.

Ok, so that´s the gist of what I can remember right now. Our area has potential, but right now it´s kinda dead and we don´t have any progressing investigators. We´ll see how it goes this week. It´s the last week of the change, and then a week from Tuesday we´ll find out changes. If I stay with my comp (most probable situation), we´ll have to re-work our strategies. If I get a different comp then we´ll figure something new out based on our styles. Wish my luck. That´s realtalk.

Much love,
Hermana Ross

p.s. And charity SUFFERETH LONG, and is kind, and envieth not, and is not puffed up, seeketh not her own, is not easily provoked, thinketh no eveil, and rejoiceth not in iniquity but rejoiceth in the truth, BEARETH ALL THINGS, believeth all things, hopeth all things, ENDURETH ALL THINGS (Moroni 7:45)

My package came!


Selfies all night long

At the Book of Mormon Activity

Fun times at the activity

Still more selfies
Me with a puppy!

At a gorgeous pool at Concepcion

Elder Smith's Last P day

The zone

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