Sunday, December 27, 2015

Week 43


Well, I heard you already know, BUT igual, I will let you officially know that changes happened, but not for me! I´m staying in Horqueta with Hna Lundberg for another change!! Crayzee! I´m coming up on six months here by the time this change is over. That´s a pretty long time. Also, I will now OFFICIALLY be in the hottest place on planet earth through the hottest month of the year. Although TBH the hottest month so far has been October #almostdiedaphysicalandemotionaldeath.

But anyway, I was really excited to stay. The crazy thing that did happen though is that like everyone and their mother in our zone had changes. And our new ZL and comp of our DL is the ex AP (#mishlingo). But yeah, they brought in two new zone leaders to "revamp Concí" on account of apparently the numbers in our zone have been suffering. So yeah, E´Payne had changes to make room for E´Simao, the new intense, ex-Brazilian military zone leader, who we are now going to be working with on like a tri-weekly basis. So intense RN. 

So yeah, this last week was good, but also a bit overwhelming on account of all the changes. But this week should be sick! Today we had our zone activity and we went Christmas caroling at the SAME hospital I went to w/ Hna Aguilar that scared me sooo bad. Like, we went to the maternity area, and I kid you not, it is half-way outdoors with cats and dogs walking around and a set up worse than girls camp. Real sketch. Like, rust on everything sketch.

Anyway, but tomorrow we WERE going to be having a zone Christmas party, but then we come to find out they were just trying to hype up what will be a zone conference. Bummer... But it´ll still be a good time, cause all the northern lejos areas are getting together. And then on Friday is CHRISTMAS! And I will see your beautiful faces and we will get to talk in Spanish por fin (I´m looking at you, Mom-dawg.) So yeah, should be a good week. 

Ok, well I am in Concepción still right now and we have some errands to run before heading back to Horqueta. But I´ll talk to you rill soon <3 Can´t believe it´s been like 7 1/2 months since the Mother´s Day call. THAT´S SO LONG. But the wait is almost over ;) Get hyped!

Hearts and stars,
Hermana Holly Ross 

chocolate wasted (E´Mendoza got FOUR huge Christmas packages, and we were the lucky recipients of a bag of crunch bars)

Our former DREAM TEAM

E´Simao, our Brazilian ex-military zone leader

Classic Paraguay

Walter and Federico

Horqueta sign featuring our district

Horqueta District before the most recent changes

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