Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Week 44

Dear family,

Well, this week was pretty boss. Pretttyyyy boss. Lots of sick Christmas stuff went down, and even though it was like well over 100 degrees (and don´t forget humidity...), it still felt like Christmas :´) 

I´ll hit up a hecka brief summary:

Christmas Zone Conf: So this Christmas party gone zone conference actually ended up being a bit more like a Christmas party in the end after all. We got together with all the northern parts of the mission, on account of we´re all way spread out up here and don´t really see other missionaries outside of our zone... like, ever. So it was actually way exciting and we had a cool testimony meeting/Christmas Bible video presentation thing, and it was nice and spirit´chal. Then we had a group lunch thing and just chatted it up and it was V nice. 8/10 would recommend. 

Christmas Eve: Gosh, that day was the bomb. We got together as a district with the elders and the Cranneys and went and sang Christmas carols to like every member family in Horqueta as well as quite a few investigators. And I´ve been rill blessed to be in some pretty musically talented districts the past few changes. Like I´m just singing melody in soprano (on account of that´s about the best I can offer) and then everyone else just busts out like different harmonies going higher and lower and it sounds sick. Like, we could start an a capella group or something. So we did that for like 5+ hours and it was actually a really spirit-bringing activity and I feel like everyone could feel it. So after that it´s getting to be nighttime-ish, but we don´t have any Christmas Eve plans, and we have permission from presidente to stay out until like 11/11:30ish. So the Cranneys just invite us to their house and we watch all the LDS Christmas videos for like two hours and eat fudge and cookies and peanuts and other random delicious things that are like straight up gold here. It was for sure one of the best nights I´ve had on the mission. So good so good. 

Christmas Day: So Christmas day was also V good. Everyone says that holidays are the best time to contact, but I kinda beg to differ on account of everyone is super busy and not really too dispuesto to invite you into their house... But it was all good in the end, because I got to skype w/ the fam!! #Rossisboss. It was way too nice to talk to you all again and remember what it´s like to have a family *single tear.* Ok, but really, it was super good and also I kinda received random spiritual revelation about this coming fall. So it was nice to see you all again and also pass that huge landmark in the mish. Las familias pueden ser eternas! #eternalfamnation

Actividad de los Jovenes: Then on Saturday we had this youth activity all afternoon and Elder Simao led us all out in these intense self-defense-esque exercises that I couldn´t even keep up with for like 10 minutes. So then I went and played volleyball and almost died of heat stroke (not literally), and then we finished up and my comp and I went out and finished our day.

Okayyy, well, those are the most exciting events of the week. Sorry that was pretty full of details in stream of consciousness. Whatcanyado? We are also still working with Claudiane, the Estigarribia, and she is still really sweet.

So things are good here and I would say the year 2k15 finished out strong. I can´t believe this year is pretty much over over. And that I´ve spent the great majority of it as a missionary. Crayzee. It´s been a year of intense lessons, HUGE growth, and about a bajillion blessings. I´m so grateful for trials. Not in the way that I´m about to ask for them, but just in the way that they really help turn you to God and help you progress. I´m grateful to have a Heavenly Father who sees the whole picture, and who will help guide me through life´s ever-constant surprises and changes. Cause let´s be real, I´m just not equipped to handle it on my own. 

"Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me... for when I am weak, then am I strong." (2 Corinthians 12:7-10)

Hope you guys have a killer New Year. Pics or it didn´t happen.

Hearts and stars,
Hermana Ross

p.s. "I know He understands. And He loves me as I am. Even through the storms and trials, He is there. And lifts to bring me home, and that´s all I need to know."

p.p.s. Look at this presh note that Sara Diana (the girl that I taught and helped baptize) left in my agenda on Sunday <3 She says I´m the best missionary she knows and that I´m her best friend :´) 

lol at how dirty the Cranney´s car was after we got in and out so many times

setting up for Christmas... finally found time on Christmas Eve mismo

                               Our district leader´s skype pic ended up being with the whole district haha

#worthit (our Skype call was cut off at least 25 x!)

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