Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Week 47


heyyy, so I only have 20 minutes to use the computer today, aka I`m just gonna print everything off lolz. I`ll tell you more about it next week, but the reason is cause today we came to Pedro Juan!! It`s a city that borders  Paraguay and Brazil aka I`ve been to Brazil now. And I have pix to prove it. Sikkk.

This week was pretty dece. Not too much crazy stuff went down. Except for that my ZL Elder Simao got hecka sick and had to be in the hospital for several days, aka we`ve had lots more hospital parties. I`ve never spent so much time in the hospital in my life as I have these past few weeks. District probz, amirite? They think he might have dengue, so that would suck, but it also might be something else.

Ok, sorry this is the most janky email that was ever written. My brain is legit fried from the adventures of today. And also we left at like 4 am, so I`m running pretty low on sleep. But let me just tell ya, PJC is SICK! Brazil sells everything for hecka cheap and I blew a decent amount of dinero buying some sick recuerdos. 

Hermana Ross

p.s. Crazy news is that Sara Diana (the jovencita that I taught from start to finish) actually just moved to northern Paraguay. Like super close to Bolivia. Which is really crazy and random and also kind of sad, because there are no church buildings or missionaries that far in the campo. BUTTT, it`s actually a pretty cool and inspired story, because she literally moved to Horqueta just long enough to meet the missionaries and get baptized. Like I started teaching her in my second change here, she got baptized in my third change here, and now she`s gone before the end of my fourth. So it was obviously like the most inspired thing ever and I actually feel really grateful to Heavenly Father for letting me have such a cool part in Sara`s pretty awesome conversión. And I got to meet her mom (who is not a member and was living in Asunción) and she said all Sara talked about was the church and how much she was excited for General Conference and wants to be a missionary in a few years, etc. Presh!!! #2blessed2bestressed

our parting gift for Sara

Lol @ E`Cranney`s selfie

w Sara`s mom

with the Pedro Juan zone

that time I went to BRAZIL! #hyped

con Sebastiana 

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