Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Week 50

Dearest Family,

Well, this week came and went! It was kinda fast and kinda slow. You know, the whole "mission vortex" thing. I have a feeling the weeks are going to start to feel longer though... #pray4Holly

Anyway, this week was just a whole bunch of working supes hard. Like, if you could even see my agenda... We literally plan for like sixteen lessons a day #metasdefe. So I guess you can guess why it´s going fast and slow. But here´s a brief breakdown of like the few noteworthy things that happened this week.
Diego´s baptism!: So Diego is this presh 8 year old son of a partially active family in the barrio. It was a pretty cute experience and I actually got a 10 minute notice that I was going to give a talk instead of a 30 second notice. So that´s nice, amirite?

Zone conf: We had a mega zone conference this past Thursday that was also interviews with the mish prez. It went well, but was from 8am-2:30pm without a break, which is a pretty long time. And we had back to back practices at like six different stations, so I actually felt way drained after. But I learned some stuffz and my interview went well and everything.

Ok, well tbh those are like the biggest stand out things that happened this week. We are also working with an investigator named Juan, and he´s pretty tight. He´s come to church with us twice now, so he´s defs progressing. More to come.

In conclusion, I´ve been thinking a lot lately about what it really means to follow the spirit. And I think a lot of it is learning and being prompted with how to work with others. Like, I really think the key to all good relationship skills is following the spirit. So imma be working on using that (the spirit) even more these days, especially in my relationships with others. And if it doesn´t work, I´ll die trying... lolz. But rly.

Have a great week! 

Hermana Ross

p.s. I have literally LITERALLY never heard hymns sung more slowly than the ward here in Juan de Salazar. Like, no joke, 10 minutes each one. I cannot even.

Bautismo de Diego!


con Karen. A recent convert/less active #bummerrrrr

my comp sports this look every time it rains aka like every other day lolz

 my comp pulled this out in a lesson and I laughed for like five minutes

our zone activity today. we had a nerf gun war. again, #when your leaders are 18 year old boys

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