Monday, February 1, 2016

Week 49


The keyboard just froze hard on the l and y. What can ya do? Anyway, I have so much to say!! To the breakdown *wub wub*

Changes: Soo Tuesday we go to our zone meeting where they tell us changes (but the mission changed things and now they don´t tell us where we´re going or who we´re going with. Sucksss.) Anyway though, TONS of Concì drama went down and lit-rally more than half the zone had changes. And get this... Horqueta got washed! Literally all four of us left. E Simao finished the mish, it was my time to go, Elder Mendoza left because they CLOSED THE ELDER´S AREA, and Hna Lundberg got moved closer to the office. And then a few other elders also got white washed, so it ended up being like a huge exodus to Asuncion!! Partay!! So we just went and finished saying goodbye to a few people and then packed our stuff up A$AP rocky and then headed to the terminal to catch the all-night bus to the city.

The actual process of changes: So we get in at like 5:30am and everything is chaos and they haven´t told any of us what´s happening or where we´re going or anything. So the office elders are all there and just separate us into group, shepherd us into vans, and then we´re off to who knows where. So I was just like, "Bye, Hna Lundberg..." It was 2 tragic. Luckily Elder Gomes (the Brazilian/the only other missionary who was in zona conci for six months with me) was in the same van as me, but other than that it was a way weird and lonely experience. So we just are driving around for like an hour stopping at various church buildings and some missionaries get in and then other missionaries get out, and I still have no idea what´s happening. Then finally after what was a really long time we pull up to this church building and the AP is like "Ok Hermana Ross, get out. This is your new area." #soabruptRN. So long story short, I´m now in Juan de Salazar!! It´s in Luque/pretty much Limpio (which means "clean" in Spanish, which is pretty ironic, cause everyone says this is the dirtiest zone." 

The new comppp!: My new comp´s name is Hermana Córdova and she´s from Peru #shocker. Guys, this is my third Peruvian comp. Why is everyone from Perù?! Anyway, she is pretty dang new on the mission and is pretty nice and super hardworking. Like, she´s had us going almost literally nonstop from the minute I got here. It´s been kinda rough on account of I didn´t sleep for like two nights in a row cause of traveling, but I´m sorta starting to adjust. Anyway, it´s too soon to say exactly how my comp is, so we´ll see how things progress!

The area!: So Juan de Salazar is actually the old area of my comp Hna Aguilar! And she said it was her favorite area, so I´d actually already heard a bit about it. It´s pretty good so far, and there area actually ACTIVE MEMBERS, if you´d believe it. True story is that I´m experiencing tons of culture shock coming from the campo to an actual barrio. Like, my new area is super jungle-y also, but we are only like 45 minutes away from the city. And church was way good as well. I asked my comp what the missionaries do for church, and she was like, "Uh, nothing?" And I was like, "Wait, i don´t have to play piano, conduct the music, teach gospel principles, teach relief society, and give a talk?" lolz. But yeah, the area is progressing pretty well and we have some promising investigators and such. And side note, Elder Gomes is in my ward!!! Stoke!!

The house: Oh gosh tho, this one is gonna be rough. Like, I´m "adjusted" to living in a third-world country, but not THAT MUCH. Holy crap, the house I am in is literally a 10 by 15 cement block. We just have a bunkbed (aside: I´m on the top and there is NO LADDER. Like, how am I supposed to get up and down? #upperbodystrength) and then a teeny outdoor kitchen and an outdoor bathroom thing. And our shower is broken, so I´m back to using a bucket. Lolz, haven´t missed that. So it´s actually kinda unfortunate on account of I thought it couldn´t get worse than my house in Horqueta, but it definitely has. BUT it doesn´t really matter on account of we are LITERALLY never at home (we have lunch every day now and my comp refuses to eat dinner), and we have a pretty decent air conditioning box. And there aren´t as many cockroaches here, so that´s nice. Oh, other aside, we still don´t have a mirror. Wtheck? I still have the tiny one I bought in Horqueta though.

Ok, well I definitely feel like I have more to say, but time is running short and also I´ll be able to catch you up with time. Mostly I think it´ll be a good change and we´ll get lots of work done. True story is that I actually prayed to get a younger comp so that she would be able to help me increase my faith and become more consecrated. And my comp told me that she prayed to get an older comp so that she would be able to learn how to become a better missionary and a better teacher (oh man, the pressure!) (other side note: everyone keeps asking me how much time I have on the mission and then they´re all like "wowww, te falta poco! ya vas a terminar tu mision aqui" (like wow, you don´t have very much time left! you´re going to finish your mission here.) and I´m like, "uhhh, i actually still have a lot of time left. why you gotta play me like that?" 

Love you so much!!
Happy groundhog day tomorrow! woooo!
Hermana Ross

 Goodbye, zona Conci-cration

               Goodbye, Chaito

                  Goodbye, Pastora and Sofia

                                             Goodbye, Estigarribias #typical

 Hello, new house (yes, this room is literally my whole house)

                      Hello, new kitchen

                                 Hello, laundromat 

 When you don´t feel well and so a Paraguayan member hands you a plant and literally says, "Take this. It will help you feel better."

My companion from Peru, Hermana Cordova
Asunción party!! Woooo for when you´re not in the jungle and get to actually see other missionaries!!

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