Monday, February 29, 2016

Week 53


Here´s the main stuffz that happened this week:

Sur America Sur video broadcast w/ Elder Bednar!: This past Wednesday there was a broadcast to our mission from Argentina by Elder Bednar. The missions included were all of the ones in Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, and Uruguay (he said like 8% of the missionaries in the world or something). Anyway, it was just like a three hour capacitation thing, and it was honestly the most inspiring conference I´ve been to on my whole mission. He edified, inspiried, and uplifted (aka what a leader should do). It was just a really good time. 

TBM (throwback Monday) to that crayzee Provo ice storm of like 2013, I think: Alright, so just to jog your memory, there was one day a few winters ago in Provo that it was lightly raining and then the rain legit froze as it hit the ground, making literally an ice rink in all of Provo (youtube it. there are videos of students sliding down hills and using ice skates to get around). So anyway, it was a pretty traumatic experience and shout out to the Dogma, cause if you remember I called you on my walk to campus and was like, "I don´t know what to do!! I can´t move forward, but I also can´t go back! What should I do?! I feel like the only solution is to crawl!" lolz. So we were up on this huge hill in our area like 40 minutes away from the center when it started to pour rain. We were V unprepared, and esentially had no choice but to try and make it back to the center. As we start to walk, however, we realize that the mud on this hill is NOT normal, and it has become slippery x100, and we almost literally couldn´t take a step without almost falling. So we proceeded to spend the next hour or so taking baby steps in the rain trying not to fall down this hill in the mud. So yeah, it was pretty funny just cause it really brought the same feelings from that frozen ice day. Except for this time I couldn´t call my mom *single tear*

Divisions: So we had divisions with the hermana leaders this week, and it was like the best day of my whole change haha. Probz cause it wasn´t spent 1/4th with indirect attacks at my worth and 3/4ths in awkward silence lolz. So it was a nice break from that. Normally divisions are like the most intense day of the change, but because of the situation I´m in, it was actually literally the chillest day I´ve had in weeks. And I went with Hermana Noorda from Connecticut, and she is really chatty and friendly. So it was a good time.

Ok, well happy leap year! Do something kool to celebrate, I guess. Also, a joven told me Justin Bieber is turning 22 tomorrow. So feliz cumple, Justin! <3 

Hope you have a good week! And also that Colin gets his mission call. OMGosh, could I be freaking out more? 

Love you!
Hermana Ross

This member is a sign painter. It was so sick

He could do a whole sign freehanded in like 15 minutes

the bunny, the bunny, yeah, i want the bunny

with my 1 year videos from the MTC

Screenshot from a year ago!! Comps from the MTC

Frog on our door lolz. How did it get up there is the real question

Divisionsss. I ate pancakes for the first time in over a year #yolo

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