Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Week 55

Heyyyyyy, so bad news bears is that this week I don´t get to write :( 

Funny storyyyy hahahahaha.... we are at the mission president´s house! Ok, I have like five minutes to summarize, so I'll try to do that #notmystrength

Changes!: So we have to be there at like 4:30am, and I'm like "whose idea was this?" Anyway, we don't know anything about who our new comps will be or anything. I found out that I did get changes, but that was all I knew. Anyway, we did practices while we waited (lololol @ doing practices at 5 am), and finally after a few hours I convinced my zone leader to tell me who my new comp was. And he was like, "Alright, alright. I think she´s Peruvian." And I was like, "Omgee, I swear #ALLthePeruvians." Him: "Her name is Hermana Pisco." Me: "AHHHHH!!! F´REALZ?! NO WAY!" Him: "Yeah, you know her?" Me: "DO I KNOW HER?!" So yeah, it´s true, and my new comp is actually my old comp! Crayzee! That like never happens, that I´ve heard of. But yeah, so I was excited.

Ok, well the bad news is that after that on Friday morning I woke up with like the craziest pain that´s ever happened to anyone ever in my lower stomach area, and it was freaking intense AM and I was throwing up out of pain. I swear and couldn´t even keep down water. I literally like collapsed on the floor haha. And the freaking elders were taking their sweet time coming over to give me a blessing. Anyway, after an hour or two the pain subsided and I was able to sleep most of it off, but it was a bit concerning, to say the least. And then my comp wakes me up and is like, "Hermana, I have a super high fever, my whole body hurts, my eyes hurt, etc." Uh oh. That can only mean one thing in Paraguay #dengue. So she had a hecka high fever and we ended up having to go to the emergency room in Asuncion at like 11 pm. And we passed the whole night there with her on IVs and it was not glamorous at all and not even a little like TV. Well, maybe a little. Then we went back home in the morning to wait until the next day to pick up her exam results. But then the pain thing happened with me AGAIN, and it was freaking weird AM and hurt supes bad. So we had been mas o menos in contact with the mission president´s wife, and at this point she was like "ok, why don´t you guys just plan on spending the week at the mission home with us?" Lololol. So we went to the emergency room again and we both had more tests done, and then we went home with Hna McMullin.

So mostly in conclusion of the past few days we´ve been chillin with the McMullins and it´s been not that good of a time, TBH. My pain hasn´t come back since Saturday, but I had to have an ultrasound today #it´saboy! #jki´mdefsnotpregnant   Mostly the problem now is just my comp, on account of dengue is super serious and she has to have blood tests every 48 hours to measure a bunch of medical stuffz and if certain medical things happen, she´ll have to be admitted to the hospital. But we´re hoping that won´t happen.

Ok, well tragically my time is up :( Also, sorry if this is kinda dramatic lolz. I´m pretty sure   I´ll be completely fine. F´reals. I feel fine now. Mostly it´s just Hermana Pisco.

Love you soooo much!! Also, this week passed by at the pace of like .0001MPH, so I feel like I haven´t heard from you in like a year.

Things to look forward to:

General Conference!

Also I get to go to the temple with my zone April 5!!!


Hermana Ross

p.s. I had SO much more to say and also lots of funny stuff, but I only had time for drama. Bummmerrr

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