Monday, March 21, 2016

Week 56


Alright, time for a super summary of my week!

First part: Passed it in the mission home still. I was companions with the mission president´s wife and pretty much spent all of my time in the hospital going to citas for other missionaries. It was an informative experience but also not that fun. Pretty stressful.

Middle part: So I got the clear to go on divisions for a few days with Hna Maldonado (from Ecuador) to her area in San Jorge. It was actually a really good time and she was super presh and really nice. And she hit her 9 month mark with me, so we got dinner to celebrate. Supes fun. Then on Friday night I got back together with Hna Pisco and we headed back to Juan de Salazar. True story though is that I later found out we almost got #specialchanges! Ugh, the horror!! I guess preisdent was like "Hermana Pisco, how about you and Hermana Gullen head back to Juan de Salazar and we just leave Hna Ross and Hna Maldonado together in San Jorge to avoid the trip of having to get you all back together again." And so that was totally going to happen! But then at the last minute my comp realized that I still had to keys to the house, so we all had to get back together again anyway. And then president though about it and was like, "Ok, nevermind on the special changes. Just stay how you are." So I dodged that bullet of having to change areas and companions without advance notice and in the middle of a change. Woulda been not fun.

End part: So Hna Pisco and I were having a boss weekend in our area contacting like crazy, but then my pain came back and it was finsane and I was dying a little bit and still throwing up and just seriously it was the worst. So they´re thinking it´s still kidney stones mixed with a bacterial infection, and I´m going to go back to the doctor tomorrow to see how it´s all going. It´s been rough, but also has brought me a new level of empathy I´ve never experienced. I´ve been supes blessed to just not have health problems, so I guess it´s about time I get a little taste of it.

It´s funny though, cause I feel like God was like, "Alright, well I´ve been preparing you for marriage and motherhood, so now I´m going to prepare you for CHILD BIRTH." Seriously tho #painisweaknessleavingthebody

yay! so that was my week. It was freaking long as heck on account of it felt like three different weeks. And also i haven´t really done cyber for more than 30 minutes in like almost a month. But things are really good (when the pain passes haha) and I love Hna Pisco dearly and I feel just really at peace with myself in general. Our area has suffered a little in the past few weeks of us not being there, and we esentially have no progressing investigators at this point. But we are working hard and I just feel pretty calm and tranquil about doing my part and trusting that the Lord is taking care of His work in His time.

Love you soo much!! Hope you´re all getting stoked for Easter and also General Conference, cause you KNOW that I am. Mostly General Conference. Best time(s) of the year, amirite? I´m pretty sure I´m going to make conference weekends the biggest hollydays in my future family.

Hearts and stars,

Hermana Ross

from when we cleaned the temple a few weeks ago

killin it in San Jorge

 this is what suffering looks like #whenit´samilliondegrees. also, it´s not even windy, my umbrella is just that broken #desperate

Welcome to New York (it´s been waitin for ya)

My 10th agenda! Sry I haven´t been sending pictures of the more recent ones

Haha my NOT comp Hna Maldonado made her agenda with me as her companion hoping we would stay together <3

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