Monday, April 11, 2016

Week 59


So I totally spaced to tell you last week that we got to go to the temple on Tuesday!!! My first time in ONE WHOLE YEAR, omgosh I was so excited. It was great, as was to be expected. I could probably realistically go twice a week after the mish. Maybe I`ll make it once a week so it`s more of a S.M.A.R.T. goal, but we`ll see. I`m setting my sights high.

Anyway, that was the highlight of the week. We`ve also been super blessed this change to be finding a BUNCH of less active members. Like, easily 1 in every 125ish people we`ve contacted has turned out to be a member. Super trippy. I feel like that`s been my theme with Hna Pisco. The last time we were comps we unfotunately weren`t able to llograr a baptism together, but we were able to reactivate a super boss family. And this change we were like "Yeah, we`re gonna baptize!" But you know, other people`s agency and stuff... BUT, we have been able to work a lot with reactivating again. So it`s been a pretty good time. Although sometimes menos activos really give you a run for your money lolz.

In other news the weather this week sucked sooo bad. Like, it had finally cooled down a little bit the past week or so, but this week it came back FULL FORCE. Like, HEAT OF SUMMER. Like, 110 degrees with humidity status. And then this whole weekend it POURED rain. As per usual. But anyway, that was rough and this week we actually struggled a lot to have lessons. But, we`re out on the other side and starting week 6! Crayzee. True story tho is that I have no idea what will happen with changes. I`m like V chill to stay in Juan de Salazar with Hna Pisco, but I also actually feel like I shouldn`t. Or at least like I won`t. IDK. We`ll see #thewoG #pray4HermanaRoss

Love you so much!! 
Have a gr8 week!
Hermana Ross

Post temple trip. 10/10 would recommend

 Outside of the temple!! 


HAHAH 2 typical 4 Paraguayan directions. "Where do you live?" "Two streets that way then make walk two more blocks in an S shape and then on the left side but the right street. Past the mango tree and the two pigs." For REAL tho. (note for those who don`t speak EspaƱol: It says "My address: My house.")

Ok, so this is mostly for Colin, but you know the voice of the witch in Banjo Kazooie? WELL, this precious Paraguayan grandma LITERALLY has the same voice. It`s so trippy and I want to record it soooo bad. I probably will at some point, cause I can`t pass up this opportunity. Even more when she laughs. You`d die it`s so funny

Las hermanas at the temple

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