Monday, April 25, 2016

Week 61


Welp, this has been probz the most stressful week of the mission. But also not, cause I have too much experience for that. BUT the crazy news is that I`m doing a freaking pink wash in Itaugua (Capiata) with Hermana Torres! And you`ll never guess where she`s from. OH WAIT, YOU WILL, cause she`s Peruvian. And ALL MY COMPS ARE PERUVIAN. She`s Hermana Pisco`s neighbor in Lima though, so that`s crazy! And also we share two areas (Anahi and Horqueta) and also two comps (Hna Valdivia and Hna Pisco). So it was about time we got put together! 

Alright, well mostly we`ve just been stressed out trying to get to know the area and the members and everything. The apartment we moved into was TRASHED, so we`ve also been trying to get that together. And the good news is we`ve only found one scorpion so far #notsarcasm #Paraguayprobz

Our area is freaking HUGE. Google it. Like, I`ve just been out in the campo farmland for my whole mission and I am having a way hard time adjusting to city living. Like, Itaugua (pronounced mas o menos Eee-taw-waa) has over 100,000 people and 12 different sectors, each of which requires us to take a different collectivo to a different area. Like, we have to take a minimum of four buses a day, and I`m freaking spending all my money on that. Outta control. There used to be eight missionaries here, but they`ve had to close areas cause our mission has more missionaries leaving than coming in. So anyway, we just don`t know anything or anyone and I have mad respect for missionaries in Asia and stuff who probably have a billion people in all their areas, cause it`s just really hard. And I really think we should get a car, just throwing that out there. 

But the good news is there is a lot of potential in the area and we already have investigators who have come to church. There is a super awesome family of five that attended yesterday and they have a ton of potential. The wife needs to divorce her first husband and marry her current boyfriend before they can get baptized though... BUT they are way cool and it will for sure work out if it`s God`s will.

Also, today we got to go to Pizza Hut and bowling, which was super awesome. I like my zone and things are looking pretty good. I just gotta have more faith and not stress out so much about the area! Cause I seriously know God won`t let anyone slip through the cracks. There`s just kinda a mantle that comes with being in a missionary in an area where you feel super responsible for everyone in it. And even more in this white wash cause I just know we`re not going to be able to visit everyone that used to talk with the missionaries. But this is God`s work and He will hasten it in His time.

Love you all so much!!!!

Hermana Ross

Saying goodbye to Hna Dure </3

Jose Castro
that time Hna Torres and I spent literally FOUR HOURS looking for this sign. They were like "it`s on the street that sells queso!" OMGOSH

Our investigator, Wilson (on the left). He`s literally so much like Joaquin (a family friend we adore), it`s ridiculous
Familia Oviedo
Hna Gomez
My favorite jovenes <3

da krew
Familia Ojeda
cleaning our new apartment #ratchet

Hna Torres`s dog-bunny

Washing a puppy!

 More #almostthesecondcoming

My new hood

We also went bowling for the first time in 5ever

We went to Pizza Hut for the first time in a year!

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  1. I love seeing all your photos, they remind me SOOOOOO much of my experiences as a missionary in Honduras back in 86-87. The Latino people are gold! SO loving, humble, accepting and believing. Love you Hermana Ross, you go girl!!!!