Monday, April 4, 2016

Week 58


What a quality week finished up by a quality #LDSconf. Rly tho, so spiritually uplifted RN. V good. Alright, alright, stop asking. I´ll tell you my favorite things about conference:

-Let´s just start with the MoTab. Very good. Maybe just cause all the hymns they sung were in English, but I just felt the spirit super strong. My #1 vote would be cast for "I Feel my Savior´s Love," which I actually thought was even interesting that they sung, on account of they did it in October´s conference too. BUT that song actually really sums up well how I feel about the Savior´s love these days. Like, I feel my Savior´s love. In all the world around me. I know that He will bless me. My #2 vote would be "The Day Dawn is Breaking." Also V inspiring.

-Ok, other stuff. I don´t know, it was just really good. I´m not going to lie, I struggled a bit to make my questions this conference. I don´t know why, but I just was feeling very uninspired. So sadly I didn´t receive direct answers on account of I didn´t have direct questions. But nonetheless, I felt the spirit throughout and it was just really good. Not underrated. 10/10 would reccomend.

My other favorite part of conference weekend was that on Sunday afternoon between sessions my comp and I got to have lunch at Hermana Speakman and her comp´s apt. Their apartment literally looks like a Provo apartment, and it was just a really nice time. And she had EasyMac and it was the first time I´ve eaten Macaroni and Cheese in like 14 months. Soooo good. And I was able to have a nice realtalk with her and it was just super awesome. Like, I don´t know where all this love came from, but it´s totally there and I just loveeee Hna Speakman. And everyone. And everything.

Which leads me to my next topic, CHARITY! Lolz. But seriously, I remember when I was having my LITERAL internal crisis about charity last year, and Rachel wrote me and was just like "It´ll be fine. One day you´ll look back and just realize how much your charity has grown and how much love you have that wasn´t there before." And gosh, it´s been true #theRaeBaeissowise. I was thinking about that a lot this weekend. Like, I just really have a lot of love in my heart. But it´s not mine. It´s Christ´s. Like, literally, it is the pure love of Christ. I, as a fallen, imperfect human being, don´t have the energy I need to love everyone. I can´t love every stranger on the street, I can´t love every menos activa that has every excuse in the book, etc. It´s just not possible through all my weaknesses to do those things all the time. But I can love them through Christ. And when I lit-rally don´t have the emotional/physical/spiritual energy to contact one more person, I stop relying on my own abilities. And I use Christ´s ENABLING POWER to talk to those people. HE is who is loving these people, and I feel so blessed that I get to be His instrument and feel of that love. Like really, I would love to (and will) devote my entire life in His service. Maybe not 24/7 missionary work (lolz, plz no), but as a dedicated disciple of the Lord commited to doing His will. My life is a gift. My life has a plan.

I love you SO much!!! I appreciate all conference insights, quotes, memes, posts, etc. Keep em coming.

In terms of other stuff:
-So they found out officially that all my pain has been caused by kidney stones. Bad news bears is there are MOAR. And I´m like "noooo, make it stop." But alas, no such luck. But they´re like "they could pass tomorrow or next week or next month, etc." So I should be fine in the meantime lolz.

-Hna Pisco is super great and we´ve had lots of good times this week. Probably the highlight was when she was cooking at our super tiny table and didn´t have space, so she decided to put the phone in the blender to preserve room. What we found out AN HOUR LATER when our zone leader called is that the blender was actually full of water. Lolz, my comp straight up put our phone in a blender full of water without realizing it. It almost broke, but then through #faithandworks, its life was preserved.

Hope you have a sick week. Glad you had fun at your spring break parties! (looking at you, ColinBoo)

Hearts and stars,
Hugs and handshakes,
Hermana Ross

. Me with the childrens. Sry it´s blurry.

Taking selfies while waiting to leave for #LDSconf #yolo

With Sara and Clara at da conference

Pretty much the same pic + my companion!

I bought myself a chocolate bunny on account of Easter happened and I didn´t eat any delicious chocolate AT ALL. Again, #yolo

My bae, Hna Pisco

MOAR conference selfies


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