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It was soooo good to talk to you. Rly tho, the best. Worth the wait #familiesareforever. Anyway, this week was really good! I was doing much better health-wise, and the area is looking way up now that we don´t get lost every .5 seconds. Even though we did get lost today for like three hours trying to get to lunch in AsunciĆ³n haha. But that´s in the past.

I just want to share with you three tender mercies the Lord has given me in regards to contacting this past week. Contacting has honestly become something I´ve grown to love, but not gonna lie, it was an uphill battle. "140 a week" has been drilled into my head from day one, but I´m finally starting to actually understand it #betterlatethannever. Anyway, these are them:

1. We were walking past these two ladies on the way to district meeting (in a bit of a hurry) and the thought crossed my mind to talk to them, but I was like "naw, we´re in a rush and they don´t look interested" but then I was like "naw, I gotta do it anyway." So we talked to them for a bit (they turned out to be sisters) and they weren´t really interested, but we shared a bit of the plan of salvation and I said something super basic, like "I know families can be eternal" or something like that, and one of the ladies just starts crying and is like, "Today is actually the 11th anniversary of our mom´s death. I´ve been missing her a lot lately and especially today, and I just really want to thank you for stopping to talk to us." So my non-inspiration turned out to be inspiration after all #thewillofGod

2. It was pretty late one night and we were going to head home, but we still had a few minutes left until it was time to go in, so we were like "uhh, I guess we´ll contact." TBH, there´s not a lot to do close to our apartment. So we go and talk to this lady waiting for a collectivo, and she is way nice and stuff, even though she´s obviously not interested. So we talk to her for a bit, and her collectivo isn´t coming, and it´s getting pretty late. And then this drunk guy comes and starts harassing her/us for like 10 minutes, so we just walk her down the street and wait until her collectivo comes. And as she got on she was like, "Thank you girls so much. The Lord sent you as my angels tonight to watch over me." <3 2 presh

3. So we have these pass along cards that have the questions of the soul on them (ex: How can I find peace and happiness? How can I have a family that is happy and united? How can I become a better person? Why am I here on the earth? etc.) So we pass out a lottttt of these, and we hardly ever know if the people visit the website/actually think about the questions, etc. But there was this lady we contacted named Nadia, and we gave her one of the cards that said, "How can I learn from the trials of life?" And then we went back a few days later to over by where she lived, a lesson fell through, and we decided to see if she was home. When we clapped at her door, she proceeded to invite us into her house and tell her literally her whole life story. And she was crying and told us "I´ve been thinking about that card you guys left with me for days. I just looked and looked at the question and really want to learn more." WOAH. So we had a boss lesson with her and SHE WENT TO CHURCH ON SUNDAY! Seriously, miracle.

So pretty much I have a testimony of contacting big time, and I know there are people prepared to receive the gospel.

This Saturday Ruth and Sara are going to get baptized, and I´m so stoked! They are so pure and humble and honestly just really prepared. I´ll send the pictures next week.

Love you soooo much!! I´m doing so dang well and am enjoying life big time. I just feel so happy all the time, f´realz #blessed

Have a super awesome week. Wish me luck with #zoneconference this week

Con amor,
Hermana Ross

Holly post hospital visit, feeling so much better!
SKYPEEEEE <3 Let´s do it again real soon lolz


w/ a stuffed animal. Jk, it´s a real dog

last week´s Itaugau missionary krew


Elder Pickering´s birthday. We went to TGIFridays, and I haven´t felt so American in months

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