Monday, May 23, 2016

Week 65

Family! Hellooo. How are yoou? *Canadian accent* *jk it`s just my normal voice* *single tear*

Anyway, this week was so good! We had like the chillest zone conference I`ve ever had (learned about charity and repentance and stuff), followed by the super great baptisms of Sara and Ruth Baez. Seriously, so good. The branch really came through for us this time. There was cake and everything. And for some reason like all of our zone showed up as well, so there was lots of support. Just a really good time.

And yesterday I had one of the best contacts I`ve had on the whole mission. We were just walking around semi-lost in one hecka field-ish part of our area when we were like, "well, I guess we`ll just head back to the main road?" And then we were like, "Well, we`ll contact one more house I guess." So we clap at this house and this 20somethingyear girl walks out and I just contact her pretty typically, but I notice she has a thick Argentine accent, so we start talking about that (obvs I talked about Colin #typical), and she starts opening up to us a bit. And she starts saying how much she`s been searching for the truth, but she just can`t seem to find it. And she almost literally quoted the Bible the way she was talking about how she just couldn`t seem to find the spiritual food to satisfy her spiritual hunger. I seriously just felt the spirit so strongly. Anyway, we are going back tomorrow, so wish us luck! 

Seriously this has just been such a good change. Like all in all probably my best. I can`t believe it`s already the last week before changes. I just feel way happy and balanced and supes blessed. So grateful.

Anyway, I had a #LDSconf quote I was going to include, but I left my notebook at home!          :( Next week, next week.

Love you sooo much!!!
Hermana Ross

With Familia Baez

Ruth y Sara

Pre baptism

Post Baptism


The zone knew

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