Monday, May 2, 2016

Week 62


Well, this week was really quality! So good! Now that I´m not quite as stressed out by the NEWNESS of the white wash, I´ve been able to enjoy the area/my comp/the mission in general more. I couldn´t tell you why it´s taken me so long to reach this point of #tranquility, but either way, I´m there now!! Just 2 chill. I feel like I could be a missionary forever. 

There were lots of good moments, good people, and feeling of the spirit. Sry this is dang short, but we had to go to the office today to change our phone (every time anyone calls it says "unknown number", so we always answer and are like "Hola! Con quien hablo?") So we got sick of that and went to go change our phone and it took ALL DAY. And we still freaking have the old phone #officeprobz. But hopefully in the next week or two they´ll resolve that... 

But yeah, I´m doing well. We had the baptisms of Juan Gabriel and Mia this past Saturday, so that was great as well. Like all of the recent converts in this rama are kids. So that´s been interesting, but a good time #momskillz #lyfeskillz

Love you so much!! Stoked to talk with you on Sunday!!!!!!!
HBD, ColinBoo! "I´m an adult!"


Hermana Ross

Hna Torres and I adopted #whenthemonkeybecomesfamily


Lolz, so the office elders tried to guilt trip Hermana Pisco about contact cards and was like, "Hermana, these are the tithes of the widows." And we left and she was feeling all guilt-tripped, and I was like, "Listen Hermana, there´s a significantly greater chance that these are the tithes of Brandon Flower. Just keep on contacting." So she put this on her wall to keep up her animos hahaha


#dinnerdate #rooftopparties #missionarylyfe

moar funz

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